Q:     Why Soy Wax?

A:      Soy wax is completely natural and burns at a much cooler temperature than parrafin and other commonly used waxes.   Soy Wax candles burn on average 25-40% longer than other wax candles.   Soy is non toxic and clean burning.

We use 100% pure soy, food grade wax, no additives at all.  Because we use a pure wax, upon resetting your candle will have a lumpy appearance, this is completely normal, its because we don't use additives to help the wax reset smooth.  That's how you know we use pure wax!

Q:    Are you fragrances natural?

A:    We use specially made, body safe synthetic fragrance.  In saying this, our oils do contain essential oils.  These oils are specially made for candles.

Q:    Are your candles as strong as well known brands?

A:    Because we use a pure soy wax, our candles will not have the same intense throw as parrafin (petroleum based candles).  However, using the purest wax available on the market our scent throw is still second to none.   Some of our scents are designed to fill a room quickly, while others will remain in the background and be more subtle.

Q:   Do your Wicks contain lead?

A:    No, we use 100% cotton wicks with a paper core.  These wicks have a slow even burn, some mushrooming may happen,  this is competely normal for cotton wicks.  Please trim your wicks before each burn.